The Author

 Updated April, 2017
Hi there, so you are keen to learn more about the author.
Did you come straight to this page to size me up or have you read my messages and wondered about the person who sits behind the words.
Either way I am extremely flattered that you have arrived at this destination.
For those of you interested on how the outside looks, here goes……
I am a female
I stand 156cm tall, 5ft 1inch
If you wanted to bench press my body weight, you would need to lift 60kgs (63kgs ouch!) (66kgs OUCH! OUCH!)
In the summer months I am blonde
In the winter months I am a brunette
Currently I am sporting a (short), mid length hair style
My complexion changes with the weather,  for the most part I am fair with red rosie cheeks
Things I admire about my physical appearance are – my feet, my bust, my ear lopes, my smile and my eyes. 
 How’z that workin for ya?
Everything I have listed above, can and has been quite different at some point in my life so don’t hold onto that information for too long, tomorrow it may change .
Interested to know how the inside looks, here goes……
I am a woman who attains to see the beauty in everything.  I encourage and welcome the differences, people, cultures, religions, knowledge, education, music and power bring to our world.  My heart goes all warm and fuzzy when I think about my husband and what we are accomplishing as a couple, as individuals and as parents.  I give thanks for the good fortune and adversity that enters my world in the hope that I become a better spirit for having had the experience. I will never come with a hidden agenda and wish to live in this world as a good person.
Everything I have listed in the above can and has been like that for a large part of my life and is how I wish to be remembered.
Celebrate YOU! 
by Denise
December 2011, Canada
December 2011, Canada
December 2012, Chile
December 2013
December 2013, Chile
December 2014
December 2014, UK








December, 2015
Melbourne, Aust







December, 2016
Melbourne, Aust



check out where it all began HERE

Celebrate YOU! – by Denise


Celebrate YOU! girl


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